Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory

Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory is a time-honored factory to produce traditional Chinese ink sticks in the downtown area of Huangshan City, about 600 meters away from Tunxi Ancient Street. More than a factory, it is a museum where you can witness the working process of making ink sticks and admire the traditional Chinese art. It is also possible to make an ink stick in person.

Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory

Hui Ink-stick

Inksticks, one of China’s Four Treasures of the Study of classical literary along with brushes, inkstones and papers, is a great carrier of Chinese traditional culture. As a type of solid ink, Chinese inksticks is the primitive coloring material for calligraphy and brush painting. Ink sticks produced in east China’s Anhui Province are considered to be the finest in the world, and are called Hui Ink sticks. First opened in 1782 during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory is the oldest and most famous factory for Hui Ink in China, where visitors can see the whole working process of ink sticks. 

Inksticks Making

Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory provides visitors an opportunity to experience one part of inkstick-making process. Under the instruction of a qualified teacher, you will learn how to mix the materials together, pound them with a pestle, and press them into the mould. When you finish your inksticks, you can print your handprint on the inksticks and take them home. It will be a memorable souvenir for your trip to this Chinese old factory or a treasured gift for your family and friends.The fee for experience making inksticks is 150RMB/2 Inksticks (available to be shared by two people). Making one inkstick takes about 1 hour usually. All the staff needs to focus on their work, so please keep your voice a little lower and don’t disturb them.

Huangshan Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory

Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory

Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory - Huangshan